The evolution of dwarf elephants

We’ve been asked to share this information about the George De Boer Biennial Public Lecture at the University of Hull, on 4 May 2017:

Palaeobiologist and mammoth expert Dr Tori Herridge is visiting Hull to share her research on the evolution of dwarf elephants, which once lived on Mediterranean islands but are now extinct. Her title is ‘The What, When and How of Dwarf Elephant Evolution, and Why it Matters’.

A palaeobiologist at the Natural History Museum in London, Dr Herridge specialises in fossil elephants, particularly those species which lived in Europe during the Ice Age. Dr Herridge has been involved in a number of TV projects for Channel 4 including Woolly Mammoth: The Autopsy, Walking Through Time and Britain at Low Tide. She has appeared on Russell Howard’s Good News, BBC Breakfast and CBS This Morning, as well as BBC Radio 4’s Start the Week and Saturday Live.

She is also the co-founder of TrowelBlazers, an organisation dedicated to telling the stories of pioneering women in palaeontology, geology and archaeology, and addressing gender disparity in these fields.

In an article for the Guardian she once wrote “I live, sleep and dream mammoths.”

The George De Boer Biennial Lecture, which is hosted by the University’s School of Environmental Sciences, is open to the public and free to attend. It’s being held on Thursday, 4th May 2017 in the Allam Lecture Theatre, Esk Building. There is a reception from 6pm in the Derwent Café and the lecture starts at 6.30pm and lasts for approximately an hour.

The George de Boer lecture was established in 1984 on the retirement of George de Boer, who worked at the University from 1947 to 1983.