Musing on Joseph’s Well

Coming up to completing our second month at Joseph’s Well, and getting used to three rooms rather than 30 or so. (The Claremont tally was never fully clear, but there were a lot of them, and all very cold.)

We’re certainly not cold now. The new offices are warm, light, pleasant and airy. There’s  enough space for a dozen or so people to meet, a private room for treasuring and admin, super fast broadband, kitchen (cost of drinks raised to 50p by presidential edict), a phone that takes messages and emails them to the officers, and all very accessible. The society is now run wholly by volunteers, with an aim of staffing the office on Wednesdays and Fridays, 10 am to 4 pm (please check ahead if you’re planning to call.) We encourage activity outside those times, for project meetings and by volunteers running online sales, publishing and other YAHS work.

There’s a full year left on our short lease, and we have to think hard, very soon, about whether Joseph’s Well is the right location. Office space in central Leeds doesn’t come cheap, but we no longer have the heavy responsibility of maintaining Claremont, with the accompanying liabilities, particularly the worry of large unforeseen bills. Proceeds of the Claremont sale are being invested long-term, to produce an annual income, and our financial management is now excellent. We can feel secure, as we know where we are.

So this is a breathing space, to consider whether these premises and the Woodhouse area are right for us – whether indeed to stay in the middle of Leeds, weighing up public transport access, parking issues, and office costs. To be continued…. affordable/ practical suggestions welcome.