Latest on YAJ digitisation and new website

It’s all now coming together – after a couple of years of investigation and careful planning. Purple Creative have been commissioned to design and host the new YAHS website. The structure is agreed (give or take some tweaking). Content to populate section and society pages is now being written and submitted. We’re not far from seeing the version which will be unveiled to the world. After that, sections will take charge and update their own pages – it’s as easy as writing a Word document, and training is part of the package.

Meanwhile the first batch of YAJs are on their way to London for digitisation. In fact it’s more than half the total, from c. 1915 to 2010. The work is to be done by Internet Archive, who will also host the set on their own well-established and highly reputable site. There’ll be links to it from the new YAHS site and the entire contents are free to all.

There’s another coup to report – we’ve managed to cover a big chunk of the cost of these projects from external sources. The Marc Fitch Fund has offered half the cost of YAJ digitisation, £2,500. And then came a very pleasant surprise earlier this month, in the form of a cheque for £2,500 from Wade’s Charity, which supports voluntary work in Leeds.

So many thanks to those funders, and to a dedicated band of YAHS members for their thorough work planning and organising the projects. Some of these volunteers have also cut the pages of old YAJ volumes and marked the foldouts, packaged the set and arranged carriers, written text and organised images for the new website, produced bids for funding… It’s been a terrific and inclusive effort.