Zooarchaeology: short courses coming up in Sheffield

Here’s a message from Sheffield University. The courses aren’t aimed at professional and/or experienced zooarchaeologists. “We would be grateful if you could spread the news, as you may know of people who may be interested… these courses are not run for profit but as educational tools. If any income is generated is reused to enhance our facilities, which are fully available for the use of the general public, at no charge.”
The Zooarchaeology Team of the Department of Archaeology would like to let you know that there are still some places available for Understanding Zooarchaeology II and Exploring Palaeoenvironments short courses.

The Understanding Zooarchaeology II short course (11-13 September 2017) will be ideal for those who already have a basic knowledge of zooarchaeology (and/or have attended our Understanding Zooarcaheology I course) and want to learn more. The aim of this advanced course is to give participants direct experience in analysing and recording faunal assemblages from archaeological sites. It will also provide participants with experience in slightly more specialised topics, such as the identification of sheep and goat, as well as cervids and bovids. Sessions will include brief theoretical classes, followed by practical activities. At the end of the three days, participants are encouraged to write a zooarchaeological report based on the material analysed during the course, on which they will receive feedback from experienced zooarchaeologists.

The Exploring Palaeoenvironments short course (14-15 September 2017) will run for the second time this year and is the result of the joint efforts of zooarchaeologists, archaeobotanists and geoarchaeologists from our department. The course will introduce participants to the different approaches and types of analyses employed by specialists of these related sub-disciplines. Each session will include theoretical lectures and case-studies; in addition, practical classes will provide direct experience of handling, analysing and interpreting the material evidence that archaeologists usually deal with.  The Exploring Palaeoenvironments short course is directed to students, professionals and enthusiasts alike and does not require any previous knowledge of the disciplines covered.

Prices are as follows:
Understanding Zooarchaeology II:
GBP 200 (standard rate)/GBP 140 (student/unwaged rate)
Exploring Palaeoenvironments:
GBP 180 (standard rate)/GBP 120 (student/unwaged rate)
Understanding Zooarchaeology II + Exploring Palaeoenvironments:
GBP 350 (standard rate)/GBP 240 (student/unwaged rate)

Further information here, or email