Back to the Bronze Age

The lecture on Must Farm by Dr David Gibson (first in a planned series of annual collaborations between our Prehistory Research Section and The Prehistoric Society) was for me a highlight of the year. Five pile dwellings, roundhouses within a palisade with internal walkway, reached by a timber causeway or bridge, were destroyed by fire less than a year after they were built, in c. 100-800 BC. Except that they were not destroyed: a combination of timbers being carbonised and waterlogged set up perfect conditions for preservation. As a result, the dwellings can be reconstructed, and their contents (organic materials and all) studied as never before. The textiles that survived are said to be as good as anything found in Egypt.

Confessing my prior ignorance of the Bronze Age after the talk, it turned out that people far more knowledgable were also staggered. More on the project website here.

Information on other Bronze Age hoards here, including Lancaster and Morecambe.