David Hey memorial conference: Call for papers

The British Agricultural History Society, together with the British Association for Local History and the Yorkshire Archaeological and Historical Society is convening a meeting in memory of Professor David Hey and in celebration of his research. This will take place in Sheffield on 23 June 2018. David was a man of wide interests and made a contribution to the discipline of local history as a whole, but his research was also strongly rooted in the history of Yorkshire and the north Midlands. The conference will feature contributions from a number of historians who knew and were associated with David, but we also invite contributions from historians, especially younger members of the profession, who have been inspired and stimulated by his work and can offer papers on subjects in which David took an interest, and which, should he still be with us, he would enjoy hearing. Papers on the landscape, economy and society of the Pennines, south Yorkshire and Sheffield are particularly welcome.

It is hoped that arrangements can be made for the publication of a memorial volume.

Proposals (including a title and 100 word abstract of the proposed paper) should be sent to Professor Richard Hoyle at editor@bahs.org.uk by Monday 11 December 2017.