Sorting the YAHS pamphlet collection

Sylvia and I dropped in on the YAHS volunteers doing a great job sorting out the society’s pamphlet collection in the Brotherton library.

The group, co-ordinated by Belinda Wassell, has been meeting since the beginning of 2017 (at first weekly, now for a full day each fortnight). They check for duplicates, and are also pulling out old or unique documents which belong with the YAHS archives in Special Collections. It’s meticulous work, and difficult to do when the material you’re sorting is endlessly diverting… That’s the joy of it, though.

The collection is large – at Claremont, it filled several hundred box files shelved in the small rooms behind the back stairs. It’s sometimes called ephemera, but that doesn’t quite do justice to it. Serendipity is somewhere nearer the mark – that happy chance finding which adds something completely unexpected to your investigations.

Thanks to all the volunteers, still ploughing on for maybe another six months.