YAHS: our new office

We have signed a contract for a new office, in Stringer House, the base of Voluntary Action Leeds. We’re taking possession today, and will carry out some redecoration ahead of a gradual move, from January. (When I say ‘we’, the volunteers with the paintbrushes will be my fellow officers, David and Frank.)

The main points: there’s an overlap before we leave Joseph’s Well, which gives time for systematic sorting of unplumbed boxes transferred from Claremont in March. Some external storage will be needed, as the new office is small and won’t accommodate all the contents of our current place. Our new arrangement is far cheaper, offering more scope to fulfil the society’s charitable objectives. Stringer House has excellent modern facilities for lectures and meetings, although we have no immediate plans to change our arrangements for lectures with Swarthmore. Car parking around Stringer House is free and plentiful. (I expect this in particular to be greeted with universal enthusiasm.) Access from the M621 is simple. It’s pretty easy by public transport too – Frank did a dry run this week (and took this photo), and we’ll be sharing bus route details. As you’ll see, it’s an interesting historic building, office block to a former engineering works I believe. It’s a welcoming and friendly environment, accommodating other voluntary groups and charities, with great communal areas (and tea-making facilities), so I hope we can re-capture some of the ethos of Claremont, and make new friends too. Being better plugged into the local voluntary sector is something to look forward to.

Stringer House, 34 Lupton Street, Hunslet, Leeds LS10 2QW