Bulletin 48 (2011) (Download)


Yorkshire Quern Survey 2010 John Cruse 2
Archaeological Dates: A Guide Keith Boughey 3
HAD and New Aspects On Ancient Human Burials in Yorkshire Maureen Berlin 18
Human remains to stay in Avebury Museum   24
Exploration and excavation: Upland Caves Network Conference 2009 Maureen Berlin 25
Recent cave exploration in Craven   31
Mesolithic West Yorkshire pp. Penny Spikins 31
Britain's earliest house? - update from Star Carr Nicky Milner 35
Ure-Swale Forum Jan Harding 35
New discoveries of cup-marked rocks, Buck Wood, Thackley Keith Boughey 36
Marked Rocks in the South Pennines Dave Shepherd and Frank Jolley 47
Recent arrowhead find at Baitings Reservoir, Calderdale Brian Howcroft 56
Stanbury Hill Project: 2010 update Keith Boughey 57
The Harden Moor Ring Cairn: An Account of the excavations Keith Boughey 58
Sermons in Stones: the meaning of prehistoric rock art and the strange case of the Swastika Stone, Ilkley Keith Boughey 59
Investigations at Bolby Scar Hillfort, N. Yorks.   72
Swaledale and Arkengarthdale Archaeology Group pp. Tim Laurie 73
Prehistoric Sites on Wadsworth and Midgley Moors, Calderdale, West Yorkshire   Brian Howcroft 74
A Collection of Arrowheads from Hambleton Down Mike Meegan 80
Terry Manby Tribute:    
.Terry Manby: a biographical note Alan King 84
.Neolithic and Bronze Age impacts on the environment: new data from North Yorkshire Jim Innes 85
.Neolithic Houses at Sewerby Cottage Farm, Bridlington Chris Fenton-Thomas 87
.Fylingdales Moor: Archaeology and Environment Blaise Vyner 8 8
.A Beaker burial at Ferry Fryston and its neighbours Gill Hey 88
.A Neolithic Ritual Focus at Catterick and Scorton, North Yorkshire Duncan Hale 89
.New insights into the use of jet and jet-like materials Alison Sheridan 89
.Early Bronze Age burial assemblages from Stanbury and Dewsbury, West Yorkshire Jane Richardson 90
.A Neolithic and Early Bronze Age round barrow at Cayton, Scarborough Ollie Cooper 90
.Two unusual Late Bronze Age finds from County Durham Brendan O'Connor 91
.Danby Beacon burial mound, Danby Rachel Graham 91
.Sturdy Spring burnt mound, Feldom Range, Richmond, North Yorkshire Richard Annis 92
Portable Antiquities Scheme   92

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. Roberts I., with Deegan A. & Berg D. 2010. Understanding the Cropmark Landscapes of the Magnesian Limestone. Leeds: Archaeological Services WYAS

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