Bulletin 43 (2006) (Download)


Yorkshire Quern Survey: 2005 Report J. Cruse 4
Out of Oblivion K. Boughey 5-6
Happy 100th Birthday- Marie Hartley! K. Boughey 6
Mary Chitty (1905-2005) C.S. Briggs 7-8
Hard dating evidence for rock art at Creswell Crags K. Boughey 8
A Hand Held Tranchet Axe from Goathland Moor M. Meegan 9-10
Thornborough Henges: objections J. Hinchliffe 11-12
  J. Harding 13-15
  M. Sanders 15-16
Neolithic trackway unearthed on Hatfield Moor R. Tappenden 16
Life and Death in the Ryedale Windypits, Near Helmsley, North Yorkshire S. Leach 17-20
A selection of early Bronze Age lithic tools from Rombalds Moor, Wharfedale K. Boughey 20-5
Newly discovered cup-and-ring-marked rocks at Hartlington Pasture near Grassington K. Boughey 26-30
A Late Prehistoric Ritual Enclosure at North Flats, Conistone-with- Kilnsey, North Yorkshire R. Martlew 30-6
South Pennines: the prehistory so far D. Shepherd 36-40
Iron Age Chariots: New Sites - New Insights M. Berlin 41-3
Castle Hill, Almondbury K. Boughey 43
Excavations at Chapel Garth, Arram F. Wilson, I. Wilson, G. Myers & R. Mackey 44-5
Luminescence Dating of Burnt Flint at Boston Spa M. Barnes 46-9
The Centenary of the Publication of J.R. Mortimer's Forty Years Researches B. Sitch 50-1
. Hetherington, D.A., Lord, T.C., & Jacobi, R.M.   51
. New evidence for the occurrence of the Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) in medieval Britain. Journal of Quaternary Science    
. Fenton-Thomas, C. The Forgotten Landscapes of the Yorkshire Wolds   51
. White, R. The Yorkshire Dales: A Landscape Through Time   52
. Flemming, N.C. (ed). Submarine Prehistoric Archaeology of the North Sea: research priorities and collaboration with industry. CBA Research Report 141   52
. Roberts, I. (ed). Ferrybridge Henge: The Ritual Landscape   52
. Chappell, G. & Brown, P. Prehistoric Rock Carvings of North East Yorkshire 5   3
. Lillie, M. 2005. Deconstructing Reconstruction: The B.A. Sewn Plank Boats. Journal of Wetland Archaeology, 97-109   53
. Needham, S. 2004. Migdale-Marnoch: sunburst of Scottish metallurgy. In I.A.G. Shepherd & G. Barclay, Scotland in Ancient Europe, Edinburgh, 217-246   53
. Late Prehistoric Ceramics: 2004. East Riding Archaeologist 11   54
. Burgess, A. & Roberts, I. 2004. Two LIA/R-B Settlement Sites near Whitwood, West Yorks.   54
. Sidney Jackson and the Quern Activities of his Bradford-based Archaeology Group. CBA Yorkshire Forum 2005, 3-6   54
. Two possible henges from the East Riding. CBA Yorkshire Forum 2005, 11-13   54
. Recent Fieldwork on Yorkshire Commons. CBA Yorkshire Forum 2005, 15-16   54
. Possible ring cairn on Skipton Moor. CBA Yorkshire Forum 2005, 20-3   54
. Iron Age enclosures at Wharram Grange. CBA Yorkshire Forum 2005, 25-9   54
North Yorkshire Archaeology Service K. Boughey 54


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