Money matters

The Society aims to increase the resources available for the study of Yorkshire's past

Members' subscriptions help support this in two ways: partly by covering all the everyday operating costs of the Society, its Journal and other printed publications, and the lecture programme.  Income also comes from investments which consist mainly of donations large and small given over a long period of time, notably by Society members.  The Society's work has also benefitted from occasional awards made by grant-giving bodies to support specific projects.   

Looking to the future, the Society faces a two-fold challenge: to make more effective use of what it already has, and to grow the above three types of income - recruiting more members, securing donations from a wider range of sources, and where possible to obtain grant aid for suitable projects, whether led by the Society or by a partner organisation.

Gifts and legacies from private individuals are also extremely important.   They can be earmarked for one of the areas of work listed above, or made as a general donation to be used at the discretion of the Trustees for any purpose consistent with our charitable aims.   If you would like to discuss a donation, please contact one of honorary officers:  President, Secretary or Treasurer.  Otherwise, simply make use of the Donation facility below, and if possible please Gift Aid your donation.   Paypal allows you to include a message with your donation.


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Where the money goes

In addition to the Society's ongoing programme of printed publications and lectures, the Society is already committed to major cataloguing projects for our collections, and has identified the conservation of some archive holdings - especially paper manuscripts - as a priority, and one which will prove particularly expensive.

Grants and awards

Funds are also needed to promote archaeological and historical research projects.  To this end, the Society has decided to re-open a scheme of Grants and Awards for individuals, organisations and community groups wishing to undertake archaeological or historical research, including activities such as surveys, excavation, post-excavaton analysis and report writing.  For more information please contact our Grants Officer


The Society wishes likewise to thank the University of Leeds, and in particular the University Librarian and her staff, for taking responsibility for the future custody of our large collections of archives and printed books - putting significant pressure not only on storage space but also upon many staff who were thus called upon to handle the sudden arrival of so much additional material.  This represents a very substantial contribution to the preservation of, and provision of public access to, such a large part of Yorkshire’s collective memory.