The Yorkshire Archaeological & Historical Society


Claremont opening

Claremont will be closed to callers next week, 1 to 5 August. There's also a disruption to usual service from 15 August. Please check ahead if you're planning to call.


The Yorkshire Archaeological and Historical Society (known until recently as the Yorkshire Archaeological Society) has promoted the study of Yorkshire’s past since 1863, when it was created as the Huddersfield Archaeological and Topographical Association.

On this site you'll find details of the society's historical and archaeological activities across Yorkshire - lectures, excursions, publications, projects - and links to its vibrant special interest sections.

YAHS's fine library and archival collections are in the process of being re-housed in the Brotherton Library, University of Leeds. The archives will start to become available at the University from 4th April 2016. It will be somewhat longer until the whole of the Society's library will be accessible again, but members of the Society can join the University of Leeds Library and access all the books in the University's collections. For more details follow the 'Library and Archives' link.

We welcome new members to the society and its sections - please follow the 'Membership' link.