Occasional Papers

Medieval Scarborough: Studies in Trade and Civic Life (2001)

ISBN13  9780902122967

Paperback; 297mm by 210mm; 123 pages; black & white illustrations and photographs throughout.

This publication brings together a number of articles by a distinguished group of historians and archaeologists to create a wide-ranging new history of Scarborough in the medieval period. It includes essays on church life, urban government, mercantile Scarborough, domestic architecture, the pottery industry and includes a gazetteer of Scarborough’s medieval place and field names. It includes a gazetteer of Scarborough’s medieval place-names.

Archaeology and Historic Landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales (2004)

ISBN13  9781903564255

Paperback; 297mm by 210mm; 217 pages; black & white illustrations and photographs throughout.

This publication presents 20 papers on a variety of different aspects of the Yorkshire Dales historic landscape, as well as reports on dedicated projects and specific areas of interest. Subjects include aerial photography of past landscapes, landscape survey, prehistory, lead mining, field barns, dry stone walls, rabbit warrens, old halls, excavations and the Ribblehead navvy settlements.

The Archaeology of Yorkshire: An Assessment at the Beginning of the 21st Century (2003)

ISBN13  9781903564050    Sorry, SOLD OUT

Paperback; 297mm by 210mm; 455 pages; black & white illustrations and photographs throughout, some colour.

This volume presents the papers arising from the Yorkshire Archaeological Resource Framework Forum Conference held at Ripon in September 1998, with a view to redefining archaeological baseline knowledge with a view to the creation of an archaeological research agenda for Yorkshire. The papers in the first part of the volume take the form of traditional period reviews of our understanding at the end of the 20th century. The second part of the volume presents a number of thematic papers, either of a project-based nature or general syntheses.

Medieval Selby: A New Study of the Abbey and Town 1069–1408. (2006)

ISBN13  978190356445X

Paperback; 297mm by 210mm; 142 pages; 18 black & white illustrations and photographs.

Selby Abbey was an important monastic house and its contribution to the northern monastic life was unique. This publication provides a chronological history of the abbey (in three chapters), from its foundation in 1189 to 1408. Further chapters are devoted to the monastic corporation, its benefactors and the medieval town of Selby.

Pointers to the Past: The Historical Landscape of Hebden Township: Upper Wharfedale. (2006)

ISBN13  9781903564557

Paperback; 297mm by 210mm; 57 pages; black & white illustrations and colour maps.

This volume analyses the range of factors that shaped the development of the Hebden Bridge landscape, including the manorial history, the impact of transport networks, and the development of lead-mining and textile manufacturing. The various phases of enclosure believed to be characterised by different types of drystone walling, the proposed typology of which is provided.

Patterns of Quern Production, Acquisition and Deposition. (2008)

ISBN13  9781903564752

Paperback; 297mm by 210mm; 175 pages; black & white illustrations

The first publication by The Yorkshire Querns Study, established in 1985 to collect data on querns of all periods. Using data from North Yorkshire and Southern Durham, this volume considers beehive querns of the later Iron Age and earlier Romano-British Period and promotes the use of quern evidence as an important resource for the study of settlement, technology, innovation, inter-group relations and religious expression.

Lady Anne Clifford: Culture, Patronage and Gender in 17th-Century Britain (2009)

ISBN13  9781903564751

Paperback; 297mm by 210mm; 139 pages, 106 black & white and colour illustrations.

A collection of papers by leading scholars in the field devoted to the study of Lady Anne Clifford, Countess of Dorset, Pembroke and Montgomery (1590-1676), and one of the great figures of English seventeenth-century history. The volume’s origins lie in a symposium held in March 2004 at Tate Britain, to coincide with the display there of Lady Anne’s Great Triptych, on loan from the Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal.

Guide to the Quarter Session Records of the West Riding of Yorkshire 1637–1971 and Other Official Records (2011)

ISBN13  9781903564516

Paperback; 60 pages; 297mm by 210mm

The massive quarter sessions records for the West Riding are probably the largest and best preserved of any county. For centuries, and up to as recently as forty years ago, quarter sessions was the major criminal court in the county. The court of quarter sessions was also the major local government authority up to 1889, and so many other aspects of life were affected by its activities. The records offer a remarkable variety of research materials and this guide to them will be invaluable for family and local history researchers.

Romanesque Yorkshire (2012)

ISBN13  9781903564868

Paperback; 265 pages; 297mm by 210mm; numerous black & white photographs throughout.

In England, the architectural term ‘Romanesque’ (Norman) covers the period 1066 to 1200. This volume provides a guide to the notable Romanesque remains to be found in Yorkshire. The volume first provides a 31-page introduction and glossary of architectural terms, with a location map of Romanesque sites in Yorkshire. This is followed by an alphabetical gazetteer that lists over 300 sites with appreciable Romanesque remains.