Fountains Abbey

The Stock Book is a survey and valuation of the site, demesnes and granges formerly belonging to Fountains Abbey. These properties were granted to Sir Richard Gresham on 1 October 1540, soon after the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII. The document was purchased by Harry Bradfer-Lawrence from Sir Jocelyn Ingleby of Ripley, Bt, for £800.

The full title of the survey is:

“Fountaunce nuper monasterium in comitatu Ebor.  The valour of the scite and demanes with the graunges late in the occupacion of the saide late monastery, and also the valor of the dyvers lordshipps, maners, lands and tenements whiche were parcell of the lands belonginge to the same late monastery, with the valew of the woods growing upon the same; all of whiche demanes and graunges, with woods, be surveyd by Leonard Bekeweth and Heugh Fuller, by virtue of letters missives by the Right Honorable Sir Thomas Crumwell, knyght, Lord Cromwell and Lord Privey Seale, datyd the ix day of Septembre, to the same Leonerd Bekeweth and Hugh Fuller directyd in that behalf, as hereafter ensueth”

Fountains Abbey Stock Book an Introduction

Brimham Manor Description

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