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Our slideshow provides an opportunity to add interest to the home page by varying its content periodically.  These five images are of:

River Don Engine.Built by Davy Brothers of Sheffield in 1905 to drive the armour plate rolling mill at the Grimesthorpe Works, Sheffield. Weighing 400 tons and producing 12,000 hp. It enabled the mill to roll steel plate up to 40cm thick and 50 tons weight for battleships. In c1953 it was moved to British Steel Corporation's River Don Works, working until 1978. It was then transferred to the Kelham Island Museum. It is Europe’s most powerful remaining working steam engine.

Skidby Windmill, near Beverley. Built in 1821 for grinding corn to produce flour. It has 4 sails and 3 pairs of stones. Commercial production ended in 1966. The mill was restored in 1974 and is now a museum open to the public. Flour is produced on occasion.

Teasels, Joshua Ellis Co. This teasel gig, at Batley Carr Mills, Dewsbury, Ellis’s mill since 1820, is used to raise the fibres prior to cropping to achieve the fine finish of the cashmere cloth for which they are well known. Teasels used to be grown in Yorkshire, today they come from Portugal. Photographed in 1992 the machine is still used in 2018

Gayle Mill. Built as a cotton spinning mill in 1784. It was changed over to spin flax some time before 1806, changing again in 1813 to spin wool and worsted. It became a saw mill in 1879, ceasing in 1986. Restoration began in 2004 and the mill was opened as a museum, with working machinery, in 2008.