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Renewing your Leeds University Library card

  • Posted On: 27 December 2018

If you hold a Leeds University Library card through your YAHS membership, it expires at the end of December and will need to be re-activated once your 2019 YAHS subs are paid.

To avoid any interruption in normal service, a system is now in place (thanks to YAHS Hon. General Secretary David Buck and Treasurer Frank Jordan) to send YAHS renewals information to the University, on or about 3 January. This will work well if you paid early, or pay by standing order on 1 January. It's an incentive to pay YAHS subs as soon as they are due, which we like!

So if you've paid, library cards should be working again very quickly. There may be a slight delay, especially if you visit on 3 January, in which case you can go into the library as a day user until the card is re-activated.

Please contact David (via if you encounter any difficulties. 


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