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The Yorkshire Archaeological & Historical Society

Since 1863

For everyone interested in Yorkshire's past

How to make the most of our collections

Archives and early books

The Society’s archives and rare or early books (published before 1850) and other printed materials, are housed in the Special Collections department of the Brotherton Library, University of Leeds.

‘Special Collections’ are open to the public but pre-booking is necessary.  For further details or to search for items in this category go to the Special Collections web pages.

You can search the Special Collections catalogue for Society materials by choosing the advanced search option and looking under ‘collection group’.

When you find an entry in the Special Collections catalogue, click on ‘More details’. Click on the button marked ‘In this collection’.  This will take you to an electronic catalogue if one has been made. If there is no electronic catalogue look for a ‘Media’ button which will take you to a scanned list, if one has been compiled.

Books in the Library

More recent printed works are available on the main shelves of the Library   YAHS members should first obtain a letter of introduction from the Society’s Honorary Secretary.

Anyone who is not a member of the Society or the University should apply directly to the Brotherton Library for a ticket.  For further details or to search the library catalogue go to the library website.