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Eboracum Roman Festival, York

  • Posted On: 1 June 2018

The Festival is now under way, with an opportunity to meet Dr Peter Addyman tonight, June 1st -

An Evening with Dr Peter Addyman CBE
1 June, 7pm-9pm
Join Dr Peter Addyman CBE for a one hour conversation with Graham Harris (Roman Bath Museum) as they discuss Romans, York and archaeology. From 7pm take the opportunity to talk to the Yorkshire Museum curators as they display Roman objects that are not normally in the exhibitions. £5, click here to book. Tickets can also be purchased from the Yorkshire Museum.

A series of lectures is to be held on Sunday, June 3rd -

TA Hall, Yorkshire Museum - Included in admission, no need to book

Dux Britanniarum: Commanding the Late Roman
3 June, 11am with Dr Rob Collins
The dux Britanniarum was the General responsible for the frontier units of northern Britannia. But what do we know about this office? Was he based at York, as is often assumed? This talk will consider the evidence for the office of this powerful late Roman general.

Women on Yorkshire Museum Tombstones in Context
3 June, 1.30pm with Lindsay Allason-Jones
The Roman period was the first in Britain to leave a written record, giving us the names of individuals. In the Yorkshire Museum there are a number of inscriptions which mention women in particular and by exploring what these tell us, both textually and pictorially, we can gain some insight into life and death in Roman York.

Roman Housework
3 June, 3pm with Alex Croom
Nowadays we have water at the turn of a tap and light by the flick of a switch. How did the Romans get water, light their houses, heat rooms, wash dishes or get rid of their rubbish? This talk looks at the real everyday life of a Roman.

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