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Romans and Natives in Central Britain

  • Posted On: 12 November 2018
Romans and Natives in Central Britain

This new book contains papers from the 2016 day-school organised by the Yorkshire Dales Landscape Research Trust, the Roman Antiquities Section and the Roman Society.

It includes papers by national and international authorities on Roman life in Britain, lavishly illustrated in full colour -

  • The Roman Army and Living Behind the Wall: Pete Wilson
  • The Impact of Hadrian’s Wall on the Native Population: Tony Wilmott
  • Big Shoes to Fill.....? A Review of Developments Following George Jobey’s Work on Iron Age/RomanoBritish Settlements in the North East of England: Rob Young
  • Regionality in the Querns of Central Britain: John Cruse
  • Scratching a Living or Fleecing the Army? Livestock Farming in Central Britain: Sue Stallibrass
  • Exploring the Geography of the ‘Brigantian’ Land-Taking in Central Britain and the Roles of Natives and Romans: Richard Tipping
  • Coping with Changing Worlds: the Roles of Celtic Art in Central Britain in the Roman period: Fraser Hunter

What happened to the Brigantes when Rome took over? How were they affected by military events? Can we see sub-territories in their material culture? How did they react to the opportunities that Rome offered? Was their way of looking at the world altered? This reasonably-priced book summarises current opinion. 

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