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The Yorkshire Archaeological & Historical Society

Since 1863

For everyone interested in Yorkshire's past

To help our members we offer the following services

[Please note that the following sections are presently under construction]


Postal search services

When submitting a payment for any of the following services please make cheques payable to FAMILY HISTORY SECTION - YAHS

Leeds Parish Church register index

The period covered is 1770 - 1837. Earlier periods can be looked up in the Thoresby Society publications if month and year are known.

Enquiries, with stamped envelope addressed to yourself please, to: Leeds Parish Church Registers, Family History Section, Stringer House, 34 Lupton Street, Hunslet, Leeds LS10 2QW

Index to grave & burial registers of Beckett Street Cemetery

There is an initial charge of £3.00 for a ten year search for any one individual. The periods to be searched are: 1845-1854, 1855-1864, 1865-1874, 1875-1884, 1885-1894, 1895-1904, 1905-1914 and finally 1915-1992. Enquiries to YAS, Family History Section, Stringer House, 34 Lupton Street, Hunslet, Leeds LS10 2QW

Link scheme

Please note this service is only available to members of the Section.

If you need specific information from a Library or Record Office and are unable to go there yourself, get in touch with the Link Scheme. We have contacts with volunteers in Yorkshire and  other counties who will do this for you, but we must stress they cannot do blanket research nor can we guarantee that the service can be provided at the loaction you require.

Please write to - Family History Section Link Scheme, Yorkshire Archaeological & Historical Society, Stringer House, 34 Lupton Street, Hunslet, LEEDS LS10 2QW enclosing your request and a stamped envelope addressed to yourself. You will be sent the name and address of a volunteer who will visit the Library or Record Centre on your behalf. All expenses are subject to an agreement between yourself and the volunteer.


Members' Interests

What are Members' Interests?

Members' Interests  will cover the details of those people from whom you, or the member of your family being researched, are directly descended.

You are invited to submit the details of your interests for publication in the Section's journal The Yorkshire Family Historian and for inclusion in subsequent Members' Interests publications. Each issue of the journal contains a list of interests submitted by new contributors. These are in the form of a separate pull out section.  Owing to Data Protection matters we do not advertise the names or contact details of those seeking or providing information in the Historian. 

Please note that this service is only available to members.

How to Register Interests

You can register your interests in two ways:

1.  Fill in and return the form you receive when you join the Section, using the guide provided.

2.  Request a form from: and complete using the Guide.

3.  Download a form using  this link (pdf) and return to

Chapman Codes

The universally accepted Chapman Codes are three letter codes used to represent county and country names and must be used when filling in the Members' Interests form. If you request a form the codes will be included.