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Annual journal 'Prehistoric Yorkshire'

‘Prehistoric Yorkshire’ is a valuable outlet for the publication of member’s interests and research, whether amateur or professional. Each issue contains items of news, information on sites and finds, local research, excavation summaries and book/article reviews.

Published usually in December, the journal is issued free to Section members in printed form and as a pdf.   Copies are available to the general public for £10 plus, if necessary, £2.50 UK p&p. For more information please contact the Editor.

In the current issue Vol. 55 (2018)

General interest:

Analytical Methods in Archaeology: Infra-Red Spectroscopy (Keith Boughey), Skeletons: Our Buried Bones (Leeds City Museum), A Review of Current Research Theses Relating to the Prehistory of Yorkshire and/or the North of England, Selected Items from the Portable Antiquities Scheme 2016-17, Reviews of Books and Articles


The Devil’s Arrows in a Holocene Landscape Setting (David Davidson), Sinderby Henge: a Recently Identified Large Earth Circle in the Vale of Mowbray (Yvonne Luke


Neolithic/Bronze  Age:                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Natural or Man-Made? Features Revealed in Raven Scar Cave, near Ingleton, 1973-1983 (John A. Gilks), Wildfire and Archaeological Research on Fylingdales Moor (Blaise Vyner), Rock On! Further Discoveries of Carved Rocks 2015-17 (Keith Boughey), A Cup-Marked Stone Found in Calderdale (David Shepherd and Frank Jolley), Cup-and-Ring Marked Rock Saved from the Cows! (Keith Boughey), A Flint Nodule Recovered from Blackstone Edge (David Shepherd)

Bronze Age:

Dates from Collared Urn Burials in Yorkshire (recent work) (Keith Boughey), A Note on a Beaker from Halton East, near Skipton (John A. Gilks), Two Late Bronze Age Hoards from the Yorkshire Wolds (Floor Huisman and David Haldenby)


Iron Age:

Yorkshire Quern Survey 2016-17 (John Cruse)



Prehistory in the Crambeck Landscape: Who Cares About the Romans Anyway? (Rachel Wood)

Back numbers of 'Prehistoric Yorkshire' and the 'Bulletin'

Here is a list of articles in previous issues of the Section's journal 'Prehistoric Yorkshire' (from 2012) and its predecessor the Section's Bulletin' (1963-2011).

Copies of individual back numbers can be downloaded here free of charge.

Notes for contributors to ‘Prehistoric Yorkshire’

The deadline for contributions is the end of September of the year prior to publication, for publication at the beginning of the following March. Contributions are not peer-reviewed but are expected to demonstrate a high standard of English and of archaeological content and to give references to sources, preferably in the ‘Harvard’ style.

The journal’s format is A4 Times New Roman Font 11 for text, 12 for sub-titles, and 14 for main titles, giving approximately 750 words to the page. Articles should preferably be less than 10 pages in length, including illustrations, etc. However, articles longer than this may be accepted at the Editor’s discretion, together with a request for a voluntary contribution from the author(s) of £3 per black and white page towards the cost of printing and publishing.

Illustrations should be submitted wherever possible in black and white, otherwise a charge of £12 per colour page will be made, irrespective of the length of the article. Text should be sent as a docx file. Illustrations can be accepted as jpeg, tif, gif or bmp files, but should be submitted separate from text to allow for re-formatting. Text and illustrations can be sent on CD/memory stick or – subject to their digital length – by e-mail.  For more informatioin please contact the Editor.

Any revisions deemed necessary by the Editor are only published with the full consent of the author. Articles are published subject to the author’s consent to share copyright with the Society.

Members’ Newsletter

The Prehistory Research Section's newsletter appears four or five times a year and can be mailed or e-mailed to Section members.  It provides up to date information about current excavation opportunities, museum exhibitions, lectures organised by the Section and other bodies, including updates to the Section Programme and ‘Items for your diary’, which are events of interest organised by other bodies.   Back issues from 2004 - 2018 can be downloaded here, free of charge.

Other Publications on Prehistory

A number of publications on prehistory are also available – mostly in CD format.  Prices do not include P & P which is charged according to the product and destination. To place an order, or for any other information, please contact the Editor.

Printed format only

Manby, T.G., Moorhouse, S. and Ottaway, P. (eds), ‘The Archaeology of Yorkshire: an assessment at the beginning of the 21st century’ Yorkshire Archaeological Society Occasional Paper No. 3. Leeds £20.00

CD format only

  • Boughey, K and Vickerman, E. (2003) Prehistoric Rock Art of the West Riding
    • Main volume £14.00
    • Supplement £10.00
  • Boughey, K. (2010) The Harden Moor Ring Cairn: An Account of the Excavations 1958-60, 1983-4 £5.00
  • Boughey, K. (2011) The Appleyard Lithics Collection £5.00
  • Boughey, K. (2015) Life and Death in Prehistoric Craven
    • Book CD alone £10.00
    • Book and Appendix CDs together £12.50
  • Boughey, K. (2017) The Hardisty Lithics Collection £5.00
  • Boughey, K. (2017) The Waterhouse Lithics Collection £5.00
  • Bradford Cartwright Hall Archaeology Group Bulletin Vols. 1-12 1954-67 £10.00

CD/printed format

  • Boughey, K. (2013) Discovering Prehistoric Bingley: The Stanbury Hill Project £5.00
  • Brown, L. (ed.). (2013) Stanbury Hill Project: Archaeological Investigation of a Rock Art Site £15.00
  • Leach, S. (2015) Going Underground: An anthropological and taphonomic study of human skeletal remains from caves and rock shelters in Yorkshire
    • 2 vols. £23.00
    • Appendices £2.00
  • Manby, T.G. (1972) A Bibliography of Yorkshire Prehistory to 1972 £1.00
  • Manby, T.G. (1986) The Bronze Age in Western Yorkshire £1.00  (reprinted from Manby, T.G. and Turnbull, P. (eds.), Archaeology in the Pennines: Studies in Honour of Arthur Raistrick BAR 158, Oxford)
  • Williamson, W.C. The Bronze Age Tree Trunk Coffin Burial found at Gristhorpe near Scarborough £1.00