Programme 2019: Key events


Saturday, 23rd March 2019  (NB: please note revised date) 

  • 11.00 - 12.15 am - Members' Morning at the Swarthmore Centre
  • Dr Vivien Deacon: The Rock-art of Rombalds Moor and its Relationship to Natural Monuments

"The rock-art of Rombalds Moor has been well studied. My own work, carried out between 2012 and 2017, examined the landscape position of the carved stones, with a focus on views from and of the sites. Like many rock-art sites, most of the sites are relatively small, at low or ground-level, with roughly horizontal carving surfaces; they are not easy to see from any distance away. However, a small number of sites are much bigger and were more visible. As such, they were identified as natural monuments and acknowledged by carving on sites from which they could be seen".

  • Dr Peter Halkon: Recent Investigations at Arras/Kipling House Farm

Dr Halkon will present fieldwork in 2017-18 at the celebrated IA cemetery at Arras, near Market Weighton, and at a later BA ring fort at Kipling House Farm near Middleton on the Wolds. Both projects were funded by the YAHS. Geophysical survey by James Lyall, combined with study of all available aerial photography, has enabled full extent of the Arras cemetery to be recognised. Although the concentric ditches of the ring fort were plotted, it was not until the 2017 geophysical survey that the full significance of the Kipling House Farm site was recognised. It revealed a large central roundhouse, with a substantial entrance porch, aligned with similarly impressive entrance ways in the inner and outer embankments. The closest parallels are the ring forts at Thwingin E Yorkshire and at Springfield Lyons and Mucking in Essex. A 10 day excavation, undertaken in August/September 2018, focused upon sectioning the ditches, which both proved to be very substantial. There is little doubt that this was a very impressive monument within the landscape. The small amount of pottery recovered suggested a later BA date, and the surprising amount of cattle and pig bones may also reflect on the status of the site. 

  • BREAK until 2.00 pm, then -
  • 2.00pm Ken Steedman, Humber Field Archaeology on The Caythorpe Gas Storage Project: Archaeological investigations of a multi-period site in the Great Wold Valley

The talk will describe the discoveries made during excavations in advance of a planned gas storage facility at Low Caythorpe, between Rudston and Boynton, in 2009-10. Areas on both sides of the Gypsey Race valley were examined, recording a sequence stretching from the Neolithic to the Saxon. Highlights included: Early Neolithic pits associated with a substantial pottery assemblage; late Neolithic post-ring structures, a hengiformstructure and possible feasting pits, associated with Grooved Ware; Beaker burials contemporaneous with modification of the hengiform structure, as well as a number of Bronze Age pit groups, burials and cremation urns; successive phases of Iron Age roundhouses separated by a colluvial episode; a small group of Iron Age square barrow burials; and late Roman settlement enclosures overlain by an extensive Anglo-Saxon enclosure system extending along and up the valley side. From as early as the Iron Age, ditches cut along the slope are suggested as responses – largely futile – to episodes of erosion and hill-wash resulting from agriculture upslope.

  • 3.00pm Break for refreshments, following which will be our Section AGM.
  • 3.30pm Section AGM


Saturday 6th April 2019

  • Conference: ‘Exploring the Archaeology of Yorkshire Landscapes’
  • Venue:  Byron & Austen Blake Rooms, Canham Turner, University of Hull, Cottingham Road, Hull, HU6 7RX.   This conference is being organised by the Section and is inspired by Tony Pacitto (1931-2003) – archaeologist, photographer, air photographer, excavator, geophysicist and metal detectorist. 
  • Programme and bookings now available - see Quick Link on right.


Possible Archaeological Events for Your 2019 Diary.

2nd Mar:  Lancaster University, 46th Annual Archaeology Forum  £30  (lunch + £16.50)

16th Mar: Prehistoric Sociey Conference: "Landscapes of the Dead: Exploring Bronze Age Barrowscapes"  at the Society of Antiquaries, London, Burlington House, London

30th Mar: YDNPA: Dales Archaeology Day: Giggleswick School

6th April: YAHS Conference: Exploring the Archaeology of Yorkshire Landscapes: University of Hull

6th April: CBA South Midlands Conference, Bugbrooke Community Centre. Contact David Ingham

14th April: CBA East Midlands Conference, County Hall, Matlock.

10th–12th May:  Neolithic Studies Group, Spring Meeting, Dumfries & Galloway.

19th-22nd May: CBA Scotland, Summer School, Deeside, based in Inverurie

8th June: Rewley House, Oxford ‘Exploring [Prehistoric] Cave Archaeology’.

8th & 9th June: British Rock Art Group, Annual Conference, Newcastle University.

12th-14th June: Kings College, London: Roman Finds Group conference: "Hoarding and Deposition in Europe from Later Prehistory to the Medieval Period – Finds in Context"

13th-16th June: Prehistoric Society: Europa Conference – Celebrating the achievements of [our Section member]    Dr. Alison Sheridan: "Neolithic Connections: Britain, The Channel Islands & France"  St Helier, Jersey.

20th-28th July: 14th Hadrian’s Wall Pilgrimage

26th October: Prehistoric Finds Research Group Conference ‘Crafting Identities’, National Museum of Scotland

9th -10th November: UISPP Conference ‘Where are you going? Reconsidering Migrations in the Metal Ages’,University of Edinburgh


Guest Lectures (open to all)  

At Bradford University 5.15pm in the Richmond Building.

  • 5th March: Helen Wass ‘HS2: People, Place, Time’
  • 19th March: Hannah Koon
  • 2nd April: Shirley Curtis-Summers

At Kings Manor, York 1pm in F133

  • 4th March: Mark Knight ‘Deposition interrupted – The Must Farm Pile dwellings’


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Above programme updated 1 March 2019