Programme 2020: Key events

Saturday, 21st March 2020

  • Swarthmore Education Centre, 2 - 7 Woodhouse Square, Leeds, LS3 1AD 
  • 11am - Members morning - Members and non-members welcome​.
  • Prehistory Research Section members will share some of their own research, presenting two aspects of studying Yorkshire moorland landscapes.
    • Geoffrey Barnes: A serpent, a swastika and the Sun: Original perspectives on the prehistoric rock art of Ilkley Moor and beyond.
      • Will examine the Swastika Stone on Ilkley Moor, looking at representational elements of it's carving, and applying an archaeoastronomical investigation approach.
    • ​Keith Boughey: Pots of Confusion: Early Bronze Age Burials on Baildon Moor.
      • The Prehistory Section has given a grant for radiocarbon and isotope analysis to support this research of burial assemblages on Baildon Moor.
  • 2pm - Spring Meeting - Members and non-members welcome.
    • Fraser Brown, Senior Project Manager, Oxford Archaeology North: New Mesolithic Discoveries from the North: Changing Views on Hunter-Gatherer Lifestyles.
  • 3pm - Tea
  • 3.30pm - PRS AGM - Members only 

Possible Archaeological Events for Your 2020 Diary.



1st Feb: CBA Yorkshire: Annual Symposium and AGM: St John's University, York

8th - 9th Feb: Rewley House, Oxford: Archaeology and DNA

15th Feb: P. Soc Day School: Landscapes of the Dead: Exploring Neolithic Monuments and Mortuary Practice: Burlington House, London

7th Mar: Lancaster University: NW Annual Archaeology Forum

21st Mar: YAHS – Prehistoric Research Section Meeting and AGM

18th Apr: Rewley House, Oxford: Recent Research on Prehistoric Landscapes in Southern Britain: £70

19th - 20th June: Prehistoric Society: Europa Conference (celebrating Colin Haselgrove): Leicester University

5th - 6th Sept: YAHS: (Sat) M Beresford Celebration Conference: Hull Univ: + (Sun) Field Visit

Guest Lectures (open to all)  

At Bradford University 5.15pm in the Richmond Building.

  • Info TBA

At Kings Manor, York 1pm in F133

  • Info TBA


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Above programme updated 12 January 2020



Free download of - Death, Burial and Identity 3000 years of death in the Vale of Mowbray

  • Posted On: 21 March 2019

Free download of -

Death, Burial and Identity
3000 years of death in the Vale of Mowbray

Although this [Bridge Road, Brompton-on-Swale] was only a small Roman funerary assemblage, its significance has been greatly enhanced, as it now forms part of a much larger group of Roman and early post-Roman burials, totally nearly 400, which have been excavated at various locations around the Roman town and the nearby roadside settlements at Bainesse and Scurragh House. NAA have recently carried out analysis of all of the burials from this wider area and what they can tell us about developing burial practices through the Roman period in the area and the identity of the deceased, the development of the settlements and the character of society which occupied them.

A1 Leeming to Barton
Death, Burial and Identity
3000 years of death in the Vale of Mowbray

Free download (225MB) -